Project partners

Proposer and project coordinator

Hochschule Trier – Environmental Campus Birkenfeld
Institute for Applied Material Flow Management (IfaS)
Campusallee 9926 ꞏ 55768 Neubrücke Nahe

Prof. Dr. Peter Heck
Phone: +49 6782 17-1221


Material flow management and circular economy. Development of biomass master plans as well as energy and climate protection concepts for municipalities and regions at national (more than 100 municipalities and regions nationwide) and international level (including municipalities and regions in Morocco, Cape Verde, Ghana, Rwanda, Egypt, United Arab Emirates). Joint coordination and project management in numerous projects funded by the BMBF, BMUB, BMEL and the EU.

Project contribution:
Coordinator, responsible for project management. Responsible for the development of the biomass industrial park concept and associated business plans, as well as the coordination of the harvest, logistic and utilization tests of the bush biomass and conception of the commercialization of the products. Scientific report on the implementation of the proposed bioeconomy and research center. Main contact person for the partners from Namibia and responsible for the networking and cooperation with the German partners.

Startseite – Institut für angewandtes Stoffstrommanagement

National partners

International partners

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